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To Air is Human:

In 1996, the World Air Guitar Championships were launched in Oulu, Finland, but it wasn’t until 2003 that the scene would finally land on our shores. Here is the hilarious story of how musician and New York Times writer Dan Crane decided to put his “there” guitar aside and reinvent himself as Björn Türoque (pronounced “b-yorn too-RAWK”): the take-no-prisoners future of American air guitar.

Jeopardizing love and livelihood to compete on the ruthless international circuit, Björn began a three-year odyssey to secure what was rightfully his (and America’s!)—the world air guitar crown. For Dan, aligning his real life with Björn’s sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll fueled mandate wasn’t easy; neither was explaining to his friends, family, girlfriend and employer, and sometimes himself, why nothing in life was more important than air guitar.

A riotous tale of wheelchair-bound Christian air rockers, spandex jumpsuit fittings, Finnish stunt wolves, catatonic 80’s guitar heroes, air groupies, Aireoke™, Air Supply, dry ice injuries, and ultimately, good vs. evil (in the form of Bjorn’s nemesis, a Hello Kitty breastplate-clad air prodigy), To Air is Human is one man’s compulsive journey through this bizarre sub-culture, and a poignant account of what it’s like to come so close.

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