“To Err is Human…to Air Guitar, Divine” — Björn Türoque

“All that is solid melts into air”
– The Communist Manifesto


Dan Crane was once a bored software producer. The he discovered air guitar. A true testament to the liberating power of the invisible instrument, air guitar was the catalyst that allowed Crane to leave his day job behind and pursue his dream of being a writer. Since then, his writing has appeared in the New York TimesSlate,Elle, Nylon, Paper, Blender, Esquire and the Los Angeles Times. He also performs as Jean-Luc Retard in a faux French rock and roll band known as Nous Non Plus. For more on Dan, travel to his website

Björn Türoque (pronounced Bjorn too-ROCK) has participated in numerous air guitar competitions throughout the world. Since joining the circuit, he and his air guitar have appeared on CNN, VH1, Late Night with Conan O’BrienLast Call with Carson DalyFox & Friends, in a Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure special edition DVDand in a Japanese girl band’s music video directed by Doug Aitken. He’s lectured on the subject at the Experience Music Project museum in Seattle, and is the founder of Aireoke: when air guitar meets karaoke. Björn co-stars in the award-winning documentary Air Guitar Nation, directed by Alexandra Lipstiz.

Now retired from official competition, Bjorn/Dan has been the Official Host & Master of Airemonies for the US and World Air Guitar Championships since 2007.

He led the World Record for Largest Air Guitar Ensemble at the San Manuel Indian Bingo & Casino.

Björn’s heroes are guitarist Jimmy Page, sculptor Richard Serra, and philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. Björn retired from official competition in 2005.

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